It’s time for Mandarin

Mandarin is for everyone and shall particularly help export firms to grow their China business healthy.

The word “mandarin“ is deviated from the radical “mandarin”. In ancient China it was an utterly valued fruit. The origin of the name mandarin (Citrus reticulata Rutaceae), “sweetest citrus fruit of all” is assumed, that the fruit was reserved to the emperor and his highest officer, the mandarin. The mandarin used to be scholar, lawyer and officers, who had a good command of the official Chinese language Mandarin, spoken and written. Their authority, the related titles, and grades were lent to them after a long lasting and elitist education.

The mandarin as a fruit is not only sweet, but also healthy. mandarin_campaignIt contains abundant antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and essential oils. From its area of origin this refreshing fruit got spread out to our region. Mandarins are the most multifaceted and biggest group of citrus fruits in terms of shape, size, taste and their habitus. The fruit is favoured by young and old, poor and rich, can be easily skinned and parted into wedges – by this way everybody can enjoy it.

But how is the mandarin connected to MKT Business Solutions? Based on our last survey about “Chinese cooperation” the participants stated, that “lack of knowledge about Chinese culture and language in one own firm” is the biggest challenge in China business.

Therefore we have the solution: Mandarin “Made in Austria” warrants Austrian quality in the China business. Just to name one of the approaches to secure a qualitative, high-class translation: For translations of websites, product folders, documentation, and other text material the translation will be conducted by a native speaker. Through a retranslation of MKT Business Solutions the meaning of the translated text will be compared with the original text.

Similar to mandarins’ refreshing and healing effect to our system, Mandarin has the same effect towards our economic system. Mandarin helps us in economic areas to better understand China, the consumption market of the future, and to better place western products there. Get information about our product mandarin and the diversity of capabilities in order to target your Chinese customers!

Author: My Kiet Truong